Styles Of Hearing Aids


ITE hearing aidsIn the ear (ITE)

Made in varying sizes, the smallest being the CIC (completely in the canal). They are custom-made to fit and are most suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing losses.

BTE hearing aidsBehind the ear (BTE)

Suitable for all hearing losses, including those that are more severe. This type of hearing aid is also more popular with people who have poor dexterity, as they can be eaiser to handle and maintain.

Micro BTE hearing aidsMicro BTE’s

Suitable for moderate to severe hearing losses for people who want something more cosmetically pleasing than a traditional Behind The Ear model but need more power than a standard In The Ear model can offer.

Open fittings

Are only suitable for clients with high frequency hearing losses. Due to their design they stop the client feeling blocked up when wearing the hearing aid which can be experienced with more traditional fittings. Instead the ear remains open and only the high frequencies are increased. 





I am completely satisfied with the service I have received from Monmouthshire Hearing Centre. Helen has been extremely helpful, and has gone to a lot of trouble, to ensure I get the best out of my hearing aids.
Mr C Price

I did not purchase my hearing aid from you – I do see you for regular checks and am very happy with the service I received. When my aid is due for replacement I will definitely use you. 
Annie Oakeley

The advice, help, customer service, that Monmouthshire Hearing Centre provide is impossible to improve on – it is excellent for all their customers.
Mr Millest

Monmouthshire Hearing Centre