Wax Removal

At Monmouthshire Hearing we are proud of our level of professional care; something that we believe sets us apart.

Our wax removal services are carried out by Helen or Lesley, RHAD,FSHAA of Monmouthshire Hearing Centre, a caring professional company specialising in all aspects of Ear Care

ear syringing wax removal


Irrigation ( Syringing) is the most commonly known wax removal method which involves water clearing the wax from the ear. Syringing is a painless and effective procedure.                            



ear microsuction wax removal


Microsuction uses a low pressure suction device which acts as a mini vacuum to remove the ear wax. It is a painless and effective procedure.                       


I am completely satisfied with the service I have received from Monmouthshire Hearing Centre. Helen has been extremely helpful, and has gone to a lot of trouble, to ensure I get the best out of my hearing aids.
Mr C Price

I did not purchase my hearing aid from you – I do see you for regular checks and am very happy with the service I received. When my aid is due for replacement I will definitely use you. 
Annie Oakeley

The advice, help, customer service, that Monmouthshire Hearing Centre provide is impossible to improve on – it is excellent for all their customers.
Mr Millest

Monmouthshire Hearing Centre